latin2dhs Ms. Mouret
Dulles High School  
Latin II Week November 6- 10th
Monday 11/6/00- Part II of Ben Hur

Tues. 11/7/00 - Write out Vocabulary Stage 22-23 on notecards.  Include principal parts of verbs, genitive of nouns.

Wed. 11/8/00 - Review vocabulary in class. 

Thrusday - Library - bring student I.D.!

Friday - Vocabulary Test

Review Vocabulary Stage 22, 23 on quia
My Quia activities and quizzes
Latin II Vocabulary review Thru Stage 22
Latin voc review
Noun review, 1st - 3rd declension
noun review
Latin II Vocabulary Review -Part 1 (A-I): session latin ii voc rev (a-i)
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