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laeta setptimanna!  Salvete, omnes

Latin I will be working on making bullas on Friday, A.D. VIII Idus Spetembres. Hope you have all chosen a name!   This is your chance to be a Roman and have a classy name of your own choosing!  We will be working on Chapter 2.  Hope you all did well on your quiz!

Latin II  Hope your quiz was a success. We will be working on 4th declension this coming week and relative pronouns.  There will be many forms to learn but see my games in this website and they may reinforce your class work. 

Latin III.  Almost done Indirect statement!  We will be having a test on pages 200-232 next week. But this week our legal Latin covered some divorce and will terms that will enlighten you on some of the finer law terms.  Hope your weekend is restful so we can come back with the banner 'Porro et retorsum!"  Magistra
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Relative Pronouns
Relative Pronouns: session relative pronouns
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