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Salvete, Omnes!

We are busy "wrapping up" our studies in ECCE ROMANI I, and we expect to begin ECCE ROMANI II the first of November. 

The Cornelius family has been in Rome for three days, and we are finding out about life in this cosmopolitan city in late 1st century A.D.  We have recently taken a closeup look at the Roman Forum.  Be sure to check out the URL below for a stroll through the Roman Forum!

Right now, we're working on personal and reflexive pronouns and possessive adjectives.  In this chapter, we're also going to learn common prefixes of Latin compound verbs.  Many of these are based on Latin prepositions which you already know.  You will also find that many of our English prefixes are derived from these Latin prefixes.  (Did someone say "SAT" or "ACT"?) 

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