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Avon Grove High School
Welcome to Mrs. Laudo's class!  I hope all of you had an excelent summer and are ready for the up comming school year.  To help start you off on the right foot I have created this web page to help fill you in from time to time. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year.  I'll see you soon.

                 THINGS TO GET FOR MY CLASS

This year I am requiring a notebook.  This notebook will be a three ring binder type.  Also useful would be notebook paper, pencils, blue or black ink pens, and a positive attitude! :)


     Class:     American History
     Grade:     9th
     Book:      Prentice Hall - American Pathways to the present.
     Overview:  We will be covering topics roughly from reconstruction to present day. We will be doing variety of activities such as: current events, essays, projects, homework, debates, journals, skits, and tests/quizzes.

                IMPORTANT DATES!
28 Aug 00 - First day of school

                WORD OF THE WEEK
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