laura Señorita Laura
Christ's American Baptist Church Spanish Class Instructor
I regret to inform everyone that we will be stopping Spanish classes for now. I want you all to know that I am always here if you know you will be travelling out of the country or want to continue with one-on-one instruction. It is just too hard to get everyone's schedules to coincide right now. I will leave my website here so if you have extra time and want to keep up with your Spanish skills feel free to come and practice the activities!

    I will be updating the site after each class with an outline of what was done at each class starting with Lesson 3. This can also serve as a review throughout the week even if you have attended. Hopefully this will help you keep up with the class and not feel like you are falling behind! The lessons are listed with the most recent first.

  Good luck and I hope you take the time to explore and learn!

         Señorita Laura

                       el 1 de octubre

We had a very small class, so we reviewed any questions that anyone had and read Psalm 23. Please remember to bring the sentences for next week. Hope to see you all then!

                     September 10th

I. Review of the present progressive and the 2 worksheets on the present progrressive

II. Review of first half of test, will go over the rest at next meeting.

III. Bible Story - Psalm 23

IV. Don't forget to write the 5 sentences! I will go over them with you. After I collect all of them I would like to compile some of them and have us correct them together in class. Please get them to me at least by the next meeting!

~~~~Don't forget to review your notes! Try to study before attempting the test and sentences. You can use your notes and dictionary but not any past homework assignments or tests. Good luck, and have fun!                    

         Lesson 11 el 20 de agosto/el 27 de agosto

I. Review homework-Adjectives Part 2

II. Bible Story- Jesus lives again!

III. Present progressive

IV. Review of all past materials in preparation for the take-home test due September 17th. Good Luck!

Other homework:
Write 5 sentences to hand in to me, including:
-at least one of each verb (-ar/-er/-ir)
-use the 5 common conjugations (except vosotros)
-1 sentence w/ present progressive
-1 sentence w/ personal "a"
-1 sentence w/ adjective
-use both definite and indefinate articles

                Lesson 10 August 13th

I. Review homework

II. Bible Story- Jesus Dies

III. Adjectives Part II and homework quiz

                 Lesson 9 August 6th

I. Review homework

II. Dialogues 3a-3c

III. Bible Story- The Lord's Prayer

IV. Vocabulary
- Dates (hw:change dates)

V. Grammar
- Ajectives Part I (hw: Adj Quiz I and change colors from previous week's ws to agree)              

                     Lesson 8- July 30th

I. Review of -er/-ir verb practice sheet

II. Dialogues 3a-c Asking for Assistance

III. Bible Story- Jesus is born

IV. Grammar
- Review -ar, -er, -ir verb endings
- Personal "a"

HW- color practice w.s., regular verb practice, personal "a" practice sheet

                  Lesson 7- July 23rd

I. Test #1- We reviewed the answers to the test; if you weren't there and have any questions, let me know. If you weren't there and want me to correct your test, place in my box by Sunday morning.
   Reviewed Quiz #1 on Plurals of Nouns

II. Pronunciation Practice
- Reviewed stress rules
- Bible Story "Man's Big Mistake"

III. Grammar
- Review pronouns and -ar verbs (cards)
- Learned the endings for regular -er/-ir verbs in the present tense(hw worksheet)

      -er (ex: beber)              -ir (ex: describir)
-o      -emos                  -o        -imos
-es     -éis                   -es       -ís
-e      -en                    -e        -en

*Remember to form the conjugations for the verbs, drop the ending(ar, er or ir) and add the correct ending*

Lesson 6- July 16th
*I will put the answers to the homeworks online for this week since there were so many people absent*

I. Homework Review
- Definite and Indefinite Articles Quiz #1
     Part A
     1. los libros          2. un avion
     3. unos lapices        4. la profesora
     5. una decision        6. un gato
     7. la voz              8. unos estudiantes
     Part B
     9. false               10. true
     11. false              12. true
     13. true               14. false
     15. true               16. true
     Part C
     17. unas sillas        18. una mesa
     19. una gata           20. unos aviones
- Regular -ar verbs and estar practice (worksheet)
     Part I.
     cantar- to sing  
canto    cantamos
cantas   cantáis
canta    cantan
                                 desayunar- to eat breakfast
                        desayuno        desayunamos
                        desayunas       desayunáis
                        desayuna        desayunan
     Part II. (there can be more than 1 right answer)
1. Estoy muy bien.
2. Estoy mal.
3. Estoy mas o menos.
4. Estoy bastante bien.
- Gramatica y ejercicios- Locating people/objects w. estar
     1. estoy                 2. están
     3. estás                 4. estamos
     5. está                  6. estamos
     7. estás                 8. está
     9. están                 10. estamos
-El presente de los verbos regulares en -ar
     Part A.(top of worksheet)
     1. trabaja               2. enseña
     3. necesitas             4. visitan
     5. escuchamos            6. tomo
     Part A.(bottom of worksheet)Some of these answers will vary, if you are unsure if your answer is correct, ask!
     1. Yo estoy cansada. Estoy en el gimnasio.
     2. Marcos y Francisco están estusiasmados. Ellos
están aquí.
     3. Alfredo y yo estamos ocupados. Estamos en la
     4. Marta y Raquel están calladas. Ellas están en clase.
     5. Tú estás aburrida. Estás en la biblioteca.
*We did not go over the test, we will do so on the 23rd.*

II. Cardinal numbers- How to form one or "uno" before masculine and feminine nouns.

III. Noun plurals- how to make the plural forms of nouns

IV. Conversation practice
    Me llamo....

*We did not start a new set of dialogues or have a new Bible story due to having an extensive review of previous material and the homework sheets*

                         July 9th

At this informal meeting, I answered any questions anyone had about homeworks, etc. Then we played a card game to practice forming sentences and pronunciation. No new info was given due to VBS being this week. Hope everyone can keep up with the homeworks and try to do the test without your notes! We will be missing some people again this week b/c of the missions trip but I hope to see everyone back on the 23rd!

                      Lesson 5- July 2nd

Reminder: We will be meeting at Sue Moul's house on the 9th at 6:30 for a time of review. Bring questions! This will be a time to catch up on anything you are unsure of or missed!
I. Review gender of nouns quiz 2
II. Dialoques 2a-2c
-practice in pairs, substitute with own info in dialogue 2b to practice introducing oneself
III. Pronunciation Practice
-stress rules (again!)
-Bible story "The Garden of Eden"
IV. Vocab
-new vocab list (colors, months, seasons, days of week, numbers 30-100)
- how to form numbers 21-100
V. Grammar
-review pronouns/-ar verb endings
-definate and indefinate articles- homework quiz
-conjugation of "estar" - irregular verb- 2 hw sheets

                     Lesson 4- June 25th

I. Listen to dialogues 2a-2c; repeat; prectice in pairs
II. Pronunciation
    -review accent(stress) rules-(get the idea that these 
     are important?!)
    -read Bible story aloud-creation of man/woman
III. Vocabulary
     -review numbers 0-20; homework-crossword puzzle
IV. Grammar
    -gender of nouns part 2; homework-quiz
    -review present tense regular -ar verb endings

                Lesson 3- Review Day June 18th

I. Review homework worksheets
II. Listen to Dialogues 1a-1c and practice in pairs
III. Pronunciation Practice
     -review sounds/names of the alphabet
     -review accent rules
     -practice reading aloud with the creation story from a Spanish children's Bible
IV. Vocabulary
    -ending equivalents handout to aid in spotting cognates and forming Spanish words when you know the English
V. Grammmar
   -review gender of nouns part 1
   -review personal pronouns
   -review tú vs. Ud.
   -review present tense endings for regular -ar verbs
   -3 different ways to translate present tense verbs
      1. Translated as normal present tense.
       ex: I sing, you sing, he sings, we sing, they sing
      2. Translated as the present progressive
       ex: I am singing, you are singing, he is singing,etc.
      3. Translated as the future tense
       ex: I will sing, you will sing, he will sing, etc.
       This is used to imply that it will happen in the   near future, usually within one day from the time you are speaking

* No homework was assigned at this class, except to practice and review on your own *

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