lavergne Ms. Lavergne
John P. Holland Elementary School Reading/Writing Instructor
Students, parents and teachers at the John P. Holland Elementary School should be informed about the changes concerning teaching assignments and student schedules for grade five students. Effective in September, for the 2001-2002 school year, grade five teachers will specialize in teaching one core subject. Ms.Lavergne, in room 322, will be teaching English Language Arts.  The English Language Arts classes will be divided between reading time and writing workshops.

   Currently, Ms. Lavergne's schedule is as follows:

Monday, Thursday, Friday       Wednesday's Schedule
8:15-8:30   BSW     #322       8:15-8:40*Ten Min. Math
8:30-9:25   Reading #322       8:40-10:10  Team Meeting
9:25-10:20  Writing #322             (Student Specialty)
10:20-10:25 Bathroom Break     10:15-11:00  Reading #322
10:25-11:20 Reading #325       11:00-11:45  Writing#322
11:20-12:15 Writing #325       11:45-12:30  Reading #325
12:15-12:30 Recess             12:30-1:10   Lunch
                               1:10-1:25    Recess
12:30-1:10  Lunch              1:25-2:10    Writing #325
1:10-1:55   Specialty          2:10-2:20    Dismissal
1:55-2:10   Ten Minute Math
2:10-2:20   Dismissal

*Tuesday Schedule is the same
until after lunch:
1:10-1:55   Literature based
            social studies#322
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