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This weeks thought: "Fail to plan, plan to fail..."

Homework Assignment for 03.24.00
     1. Assignment #14,
         page 37 in your
         Due:  03.29.00
     2. Map worksheets 3-15
         Due 04.06.00

  Quiz #5 - 03.30.00
   Quiz #6 - 03.30.00
  Exam #2 - 04.06.00
~Note~  We will have a study session for Exam #2 during our regular social studies time period on Monday, April 03, '00. 

Mr. L has tentatively scheduled the class fieldtrip to the Natural History Museum for April 21, 2000.  Please inform your parents (or parents inform your child) that permission forms will be handed out at least one week prior to the trip.  Mr. L is actively searching for drivers to help in the transportation from school to museum and back.  Any questions or concerns as well as any parent willing to drive/chaperon on the fieldtrip can (and is encouraged to) email Mr. L from this web page.
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