lawrence Mrs. Lawrence
Brookhollow Elementary School Room 409
                  Welcome to our Class Web Page

What an exciting first three weeks of school we have had!
I have gotten to meet most of your parents and learned some things about you. Everyone seems very excited about learning and about the activities that are available in 5th grade. I hope there will continue to be this much excitement throughout the year.

Our class's Student Council was the first group to do the school announcements and they did an excellent job! Next week, they will work on school store with Mrs. Tyson.

        Just a few reminders:

Make sure your parents sign your assignment book DAILY!!!
Make sure that your weekly reports are signed over the weekend and returned on Monday.

There is a Social Studies quiz for extra credit that you may take. It is worth an extra 100 points. Just go all the way to the bottom of the screen where it says:
    Quiz Session Log In and double click on it.
Then type in:
    Social Studies quiz and your first and last name. Follow the directions from there. Good luck!!

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Chapter 7 Quiz
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