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Hello parents and students,
     We had a great time today tie-dying our t-shirts for our international festival.  We learned that artisans in India and Pakistan die cloth with beautiful patterns and colors.  We tried to imitate some of these patterns and colors in our own t-shirts.  Our shirts look great!
     Now we need to take them home, rinse them and wash them.  When the shirts are dry we need to bring them back to school so we can display them at our International Festival.
     We are doing so many exciting things now that it is hard to tell about all of them.  Last week Mrs. Nasrallah told us some stories from Lebanon.  She read some of these stories in her native language.  We enjoyed hearing these stories.  The students thought that it was fascinating the way that the books are written from right to left on the page and from the back to the front of the book.
     The students are also involved in the Maya quest.  This is an exciting exploration of a real life mystery; what caused the decline of the Mayan Civilization?  We get to become involved with the Maya Quest team on-line.  The students will have the opportunity to learn along with the team, to send their works (which may be shown on the web site), to vote on where the team will go and what they do next and to develop their own team skills. 
    Boys and girls, I was able to access the Maya Quest site from my home with no problems at all.  If you go to and enter our classroom codes when they are asked for, you should be able to access this site from your home also.  Keep trying! 
                                  Mrs. Ayres
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