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Welcome to the English II resource page! Use this page to gain information about class activities, homework, upcoming projects, assignments, and test dates. Scroll down to find several links from this page to fun and useful sites. I will to continue to add to these resources as I discover new information during the year.

As we begin the sixth six weeks, students are finishing Animal Farm by George Orwell. Our focus activities included an internet lesson that provided excellent links for students to read about the events, people, and situations that inspired Orwell to write this allegory. Students took notes and completed a quiz online. In addition, they were able to listen to Russian folkmusic and view pictures of some of the Russian leaders such as Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin who are represented in Animal Farm.

In conjunction with this study, students are learning about devices of propaganda. To help them understand just how much they are confronted by propaganda in advertising, students have made a booklet identifying at least four types of propaganda that they have found in magazines or newspapers.

Students have taken quizzes over Chapters 1-6 and are working on a Study Guide as they read. All classes will be reading the remaining four chapters during the week of April 17-20. There will be a major test over the notes and the novel on Friday, April 20th.

Our last novel of the year is Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank.
UPDATE 5/10/01:
The summary of Chapters 1-13 is now on the web! Look below for the link. Thanks to student James Leyton who has spent a significant amount of time on making this resource possible. Thanks also to his able typists Taylor Crowley, Linzi Robinson, and Beka Dillard. We have a test over these chapters + vocabulary from Ch. 1-5 on Friday, 5/11. Chapter 9 is homework for all classes. Be sure you have read Ch. 9 by Monday 5/14.
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