lcemedia Mrs. Przeclawski
Lawton Chiles Elementary School Media Specialist
Welcome to Lawton Chiles Elementary Media Center where we read to succeed!
Our Media Center supports the school's Accelerated Reader [AR] program. In this program students select books on their comfort reading level for pleasure reading. When they have read the book they take a short AR quiz on the computer. They are awarded points based upon answering the comprehension questions successfully. The computer keeps track of all their points earned so their teacher can carefully monitor their reading progress.
Currently we have over 4,000 AR quizzes on a variety of book titles. Our Media Center owns copies of quite a few of these books for student check out, and many of these AR books are marked with the reading level and point value. We welcome volunteer help to mark all  of our AR books. Students may use the public library or other outside sources to read AR books that Lawton Chiles owns the quiz for but doesn't yet own a copy of the book.
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