Calgary Academy  
Tuesday, May 20th – Friday, May 23rd

Thank you in handing in all your individual and class speeches.  I will meet with you this week to go over them.

1.  Reach Brunch tomorrow at 10:15 in the Multi-purpose room.

2.  Grade 5-8 Triathlon is on May 30th.  More detail from Adam McPherson.

3.  Lion King performance will be held Wednesday 28th at 10:00.  Stella will confirm to see if all of Elem. will fit in the Black box.

4.  Workload management tomorrow afternoon but we will have a Quick division meeting at 1:15 in the staff room.

5.  Grade 5 students are at the Glenbow Museum on Thursday and the Grade 3/4 students are at the Children's Festival on Friday.  Please check out supervision schedule for these two days.  I will e-mail the schedule out to you.

6.  I am here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week (unless the baby decides to come early).  If you need to meet with me please do so before Thursday.

Have a super week!!

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