Physical Science
Meade High School Science instructor
Things to know for the Electricity & Magnetism Test

Types of electric charges & how they interact
What determines electric force & how it forms a force field
How voltage, resistance & current are related & the units for each
Difference between direct current & alternating current
Difference between conductors & insulators
Schematic diagram symbols
Difference between series & parallel circuits
Purposes of fuses & circuit breakers

How magnetic poles interact
Right hand rule related to magnetic field around a wire
Electromagnets- what factors affect their strength
Difference between motors & generators
How transformers work & why they are needed

What can you use to study for this test?
     Study guide from class
     Quia game
     Textbook: Chapter 17-18; chapter review, standardized test prep
My Quia activities and quizzes
Review the Safety
Forces & Interactions
Test Friday February 8
Energy Review
PS (NGSS) Waves Review
Test Friday April 12
Electricity & Magnetism Unit Review
Test Friday May 10
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