Tenacre Country Day School Learning Consultant - Language Arts Page
This is a self-paced language arts learning site.  Practice as much as you need to so you can do your best. 

Use RECOGNIZE activities to learn and practice new information and skills.

Use RECALL activities in order to check your memory.

Use APPLY activities to apply your knowledge and editing skills.

Some activities are also labeled QUIZ.  Take a quiz when you think you're ready to be tested.  If you need to practice your skills more, you can take a quiz again.
My Quia activities and quizzes
It's or Its
Then or Than
To or Two or Too
There or They're or Their
Spelling -- Days of Week, Months, and Subject Names
Homonyms 1
Homonyms II
25 Often Misspelled Words (up to 5 syllables) - (copied activity)
Dear Mr. Henshaw: Parts of a Friendly Letter - (copied activity)
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