ldaniels Mrs. Daniels
ITMS Science & Social Studies, Mustang Hall, 7th Grade
The Week of May 15th:

This week in Social Studies, we continue our study of Africa. We will be leaving the countries of Western and  Coastal Africa, headed for Central Africa.
We are also studying the geography and history of the wonderful state of TENNESSEE, home of the UT Volunteers!

In Science, we will continue our study of Animals. We leave Insects and begin the study of Echinoderms.
Monday, May 15th, yearbooks go home.
Last week, forms for selection of classes at Science Hill were sent home.  Be sure to have parents sign them and return them ASAP.

Have a great week!

Questions? Email Mrs. Daniels: mslldaniels@yahoo.com.


Monday: SOC.ST.:None.
       SCI.:  None.
Tuesday: SOC. ST.: No written work, but a quiz over 18-3 will be given on Thursday, 5/18.
          SCI.: S-1, S-2: No homework. S-3, finish worksheet
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