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North Syracuse Junior High School Global History 9
Dear Parents and Students

Welcome to my Global History 9 Website.  This website will be used primarily to assist students in preparing for exams and facilitate the completion of projects.  Throughout the academic school year I will be posting review information as well as historical documents.

The review information will be posted approximately 5 days prior to the administration of an exam.  The information posted will provide students with a variety of strategies to review concepts, themes, and events that reflect the NYS Global History curriculum.  In May, I will also post a variety of links and strategies that will assist students in studying for their final exam.

I will also be posting a variety of historical documents on this website.  Students will closely examine these documents throughout the course.  We will be using a variety of historical documents (e.g., political cartoons, treaties, law codes, maps, graphs, and quotes) to construct our own document-based questions.

Thank you and enjoy!

Mr. Leahey

The Treaty of Nanking (1842)

I. Lasting peace between Great Britain and China.

II. The ports of Canton, Amoy, Fuchau, Ningpo, and Shangai shall be opened to British trade and residence, and trade conducted according to a well-understood tax.

III. British subjects should have some port where they may repair their ships when required. The island of Hong Kong will be given to her Majesty.

IV. Six million dollars will be paid by the Chinese for the value of the opium that was delivered as a ransom payment for the lives of British subjects in March 1839.

V. China will pay three million dollars for the debts Chinese merchants owe to British merchants.

VI. China will pay twelve million dollars for the expenses incurred by the British expedition sent out to obtain payment for the violent and unjust proceedings of the Chinese high authorities.

VII. The Chinese will pay the entire amount of $21,000,000 before December 31, 1845.

VIII. All prisoners of war to be immediately released by the Chinese.

IX. The Chinese Emperor will grant full and entire freedom to those of his Chinese subjects who had aided the British.

X. Chinese and British authorities will establish a regular and fair tax of export and import custom and other dues to be established at the open ports, and a transit duty to be assessed in addition which will give goods a free conveyance (shipping) to all places in China.

XI. Official communication to be hereafter conducted on terms of equality according to the payments of money.

XII. The Chinese will pay money to restore the barracks held by British troops.
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