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* Hey everyone! My name is Emily and this is my page on my club "Learn Horses Club". It's all about learing about how to care about horses for the every day horse lover. I will have a Site of the Week, which is a horse site where you can learn more about horses. And also, every week I will give out homework which will be either to go to the site of the week, find horse pics, or practice certain vocab from the quizes. You may e-mail me the homework, but the homework is optional. Finally, I have a url for a pic for the club. I'll give that to you when you scroll down more...you can put it on your home page if you like.
* Ok, here is a little info on my horsie backround. I've been taking riding lessons for a while and my favorite thing to do on horseback is to jump and I also love dressage. I live in Massachusetts, which is a beautiful place (especially in the fall). I'm in the 6th grade at my middle school, so i'm around the age of 12. I hope you enjoy my page!!!
Just go to the Site of the Week and learn about horses! Have fun!
Site of the Week:
http://www.horseland.com/ This site is about taking care of pretend horses, it's one of my favorite sites!
Club url pic:
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