People have different learning styles. And we should know what ours is, because that makes us conscious of how we learn faster and how we can use our time more effectively.

The purpose of the following test is to determine what our learning style is.

Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no".
1. I am generally regarded as the "nice but naughty" student in the group.
2. I prefer baggy clothes.
3. I like to work quickly and finish early.
4. I always notice details.
5. I cannot stop chattering, whispering.
6. I use movement and rhythmic routines in order to learn my lessons.
7. I am very sensitive to room temperature.
8. I am rather good at oral work but my performance in written tests is sometimes less satisfactory.
9. I recall information by visualising the source.
10. I do not like too many details, I prefer concise explanations.
11. I like touching people and things when I want to become acquainted with them.
12. I tend to follow the teacher with my eyes when s/ he moves Around the classroom.
13. I tend to avoid oral production, and when asked to speak, will keep my production to a minimum.
14. I am a good story - teller.
15. I like interior monologues.
16. I like going to the blackboard and using it.
17. I generally write words over and over and I am not always neat.
18. I watch television when I am doing homework.
19. I am neat in the presentation of my written work and try to keep an orderly learning environment.
20. When I have to meet someone, I prepare what I will say to him / her.
21. As I know how to listen to others, I can be considered a natural leader.
22. I prefer using concrete words.
23. I read the instructions before using something new.
24. I have a good memory for people and places.

Please email your answers to the teacher's email address at the top of the page. He will let you know your learning style.
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