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For your report on Charles and Boyle's law these websites could be very helpful


Don't forget your report is due on Mon. April 24,2000, to help those of you who will be absent on Mon we will do the presentation on Tue.

Good Luck!

A very special thanks to

Khan Rukhsana

Sarukhanov Ana

Kocharyan Lusine

Lau Richard

Karine Karadjian

For their great achievement in their science class.

Our winners of the 6th annual Science Fair are:

Karine Karadjian

Mariam Kupalyan

Asmik Markaryan

Sidya Espinoza

Rose Pilikyan

Teresa Pena

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please plan to meet me on Thursday March 23, 2000 at our PHABO Parent Conference between
12:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Your cooperation is appreciated

Science Project is due Tuesday April 4,2000

These websites might help you to write your report about COAL!

http://www.encyclopedia.com and type "coal" in the search window.

type "what is coal?" in the question window

These websites might help you get some ideas for your science fair





             Science Fair Guidelines
Dear Student,
As a part of eight-grade science curriculum, you have to comply with a Science Fair Project.  You  have to bring the project one week prior to set up in the Gym, in order to be evaluated.  In your science project, you must follow the different steps of scientific method, which will be discussed one more time in class.  The title must be a question, second step you must come up with a hypothesis.  Your science fair project must include an experiment, a survey, or an invention.  Your experimantion could or could not approve your hypothesis.  You must completely describe and explain your experimentation, collect data, and report correctly your observations.  If you have an invention, you need to bring a model.
This project will be graded on the scale of 0- 5.  The following is the grading scale

A= 4.3 –5;  B= 3.5 –4.2;  C = 2.5 – 3.4;  D= 1.5 – 2.4;  Fail=0 – 1.4

Requirements for the report:
1) The project is due on: April 4,2000
2) This is an individual project.  Group works will not be accepted.
3) The title must be related to either Physics, Chemistry, or Biochemistry but it should be in form of a question.
4) The report must be typed.  No excuses will be accepted.  You have enough time, type your report in advance.  The font should not exceed 14.
5) Your report must be placed in a folder.
6) Your report must include:
-     Blank sheet of paper (for your peer evaluation)
- Cover page.
- Table of content.
- Introduction
- Main report (4- 5 pages, not double-spaced)
- Hypothesis
- Observations/ Experimentation/ Invention
- Pictures, Data, and graphs.
- Conclusion
- Bibliography
7) You need at least three sources of information; two of them must be books, encyclopedias, magazines, etc.  Using Internet is welcome if you format and edit the information on your own words.
8) I will keep your report.
9) You must be able to answer any questions regarding your report subject.

Requirements for the Display Board:
1) Try to design a display, which is simple, and easy to set up.
2) Your materials and equipment should be placed in front of, or be attached to an attractive background.
3) Your display should be self-explanatory.  The viewer should be able to grasp what it is all about without needing you to be present to answer questions.
4) In the middle, you will write the title (which is in form of a question), the hypothesis and a summary of the report.
5) In the left side, you will display your experimentation, the data, and the conclusion.
6) In the left side, you will display graphs, charts, photos, and diagrams.
7) Prepare a very attractive display board.

You must know that not participating in the science fair, results in an immediate U in your work habit in your report card and will lower your grade by one point.

“A” Science Fair project must
- be correct, neat, and typed
- demonstrate a new scientific idea
- include a correct science experiment
- have an attractive, self-explanatory board
- meet all the requirements

“B” Science Fair project
- misses one requirement
- is neat, correct, not typed
- has few misspelled words
- does not meet one requirement
- the board misses one part

“C” Science Fair project
- does not meet two requirements
- has some misspelled words
- repetitive or old project
- the board is missing two parts

“D” Science Fair
- is missing more than two requirements
- has lots of misspelled words
- the board can not demonstrate the scientific idea

“F” Science Fair project
- is messy, incomplete.
- does not demonstrate a scientific work

Bibliography Guidelines

The following bibliography citations are recommended

Books Author.  Title.  Place of publication: Publishing Company, Date.

Examples: Berlage, Gai Ingham.  Women in Baseball: The forgotten History.
Westport: Greenwood, 1994

Encyclopedias Author (if given).  Title of Article.  Title of Encyclopedia.  Editor.
Place of Publication: Publishing Company, Date.

Example: Gorenstein, Paul.  Moon.  The world Book Encyclopedia.  Chicago:
World Boob, Inc., 1995. Vol. 13

Newspaper Author (if given).  Title of Article.  Title of Newspaper.  Date, section, page

Example: Tyler, Marshall.  200th Birthday of Grimms Celebrated.  Los Angeles Times.
March 15, 1985, sec.  A, p.3.

Network Resources Author.  Title of item or email subject.  Any publication or date information.  Availability  information

Example:  DiStefano, Vince.  Guideline for Better Writing.
Available http://www.usa.net/-vind/home/better-writing.html

This course description has been sent to you the first day of school.  Make sure you have signed the bottom part and send it back to school.
Thanks for your cooperation

LE CONTE MIDDLE SCHOOL         Ms. Mojgan Moazzez
Science Department
Course description          1999 -2000 School year

Dear Parent/Guardian:
Your child is enrolled in a course called Physical Science.  The first semester will cover the principles of physics, and second semester will cover the principles of chemistry.

The student’s progress will be evaluated by performance on assigned work, which is:
1) Class participation and individual presentation
2) Homework,
3) Group and individual projects
4) Tests, quizzes.

The students must participate in our annual Science Fair, mid-term and final projects.
Works not submitted in blue or black ink or with proper heading will receive an F.

The following is the grading scale for all students
A= 4.3 – 5 B= 3.5 – 4.2   C = 2.5 – 3.4
D= 1.5– 2.4         Fail = 0 – 1.4

The following list of supplies is essential for this class:
1) Pen and pencil – ink in blue or black.  2) Clean notebook.  3) Ruler and eraser.  4) Additional supplies will be required when needed.

The following are the class rules:
1) Be ready;  2) Bring school material to class; 3) Raise hand before speaking; 4) Ask permission before leaving your seat, 5) Food items are to be eaten outside;  6) Personal items seen in class will be taken away;  7) Listen carefully, NO talking when the teacher is speaking;   8) Wear proper school uniform.

Students are encouraged to comply with all academic expectations and classroom rules.  If necessary, disciplinary standards will be used for students failing to comply with the above policies.  Consequences are: Warning, Check in the tracking sheet, Written detention, Phone call home, Detention, Class suspension, Dean’s office.

Dear Parent/Guardian your participation in our school activities is very appreciated.
Feel free to call me at (323) 461 – 4741 (Ext. 242) or email me at mmoazzez@hotmail.com for an appointment or any concern about your child’s academia and behavior.

Yours truly,
Mojgan Moazzez

I acknowledge receipt of the objectives and rules of this class.  I have discussed them with my child and we understand the requirements for satisfactory completing the course of study for the above class.

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