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Central Junior High School Professeur de français
Salut les élèves du cours "Exploratory French"!
Bienvenue! Vous êtes arrivés au site Quia de Madame Robillard. You have arrived at Madame Robillard's Quia site!
Amusez-vous avec les jeux et les activités qui vous attendent ici. Enjoy the games and activities that wait for you here.

~~~~~~~~Week of 1/7/02~~~~~~~~

*Getting to know each other
*Choosing French names
*Les Courtoisies

Please visit the Joan of Arc site to learn as much as possible about this very important French heroine.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Les Courtoisies
Learn basic courtesies
Jeopardy #1
Play this trivia game alone or with a friend
Hangman for Block
Try this fun little game!
La richesse da la langue française
See how far you can get with this one!
Les Nombres
Put your french numbers in order!
Useful links
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