legendalliance the master
Legend Alliance formerly known as the visible horse
The official alliance language

positive form = oogsi
negative form = mergle

verb for wealth = vo
verb for nutrition = plunrar
eg. I am hungry = plunrar mergle.

NB. please try to use this language at all times.

Alliance rules.
All members must crawl around on all fours at all times except for bank holidays when they must run at high speeds in no particular direction.
All members must wear tweed suits at all times.
All members must devote their time in the pursuit of the lost city of atlantis .When discovered members will be expected to move there where they will ride around on the back of silver seahorses studded with rubies (members will be required to finance these them selves)
Members will look back with fond regret on the monkey gang.
Members will also spend their time designing minature golf courses, but never building them.
Members will refer to one another by their new names :
Helen= The Glory
Jenny= Leverton Senior
Jessy= Everpool
Patrick= Pure soul.
New members, Sharon and Madeline will be given names by the master in due course.
Professor of naughtiness, Everpool will have the responsibility of teaching the official club faces namely  Angel eyes, Scrapey teeth, Long tongue and Singing demon.
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