lenhardt Mrs. Lenhardt
Dana Middle School English 8 instructor, Coordinator for School for Advanced Studies and GATE
Welcome to the web site dedicated to helping Mrs. Lenhardt's 8th graders pass English so that next year they may join the Pirates at San Pedro High School!

Make sure that you are reading at least 20 minutes per night in your silent reading book. Remember that you are not limited to 20 minutes; reading more than what is required is always good!

Grammar homework was assigned for Monday through Wednesday, and it is due on Friday. Make sure that on Friday you have exercises 10-12 on pages 59-61 ready to turn in.

On Tuesday we re-took the Scholastic Reading Inventory. If you missed Tuesday, please remind me so that I can send you down to the library to take it. You will receive your new list on Friday, but the rules for Reading Counts are different this semester. You may choose any book that is from 150 points below your lexile level to 150 points above it.

On Friday you will have your first Rule for the Week Quiz for the second semester. Make sure that you study on Thursday night!

This week we started poetry notes. If you missed any days, make sure that you borrow someone's notes and copy them. If you borrow notes, do not lose them--return them to the person from whom you borrowed them! There will be an open-notes test on the poetry notes, so the more complete your notes are the better you will do on the test.
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