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Welcome to our Spanish web page for practicing homework!  ¡Bienvenidos a nuestra página de práctica!

New!!!! Unit 6 has been added as well as a Scavenger Hunt for famous people in the history of Mexico.

Assignments for the next three weeks are related to two ongoing activities:
a) Your  "Vamos a Mexico" project and
b) Unit 6 of Spanish for Mastery.

The assignments for Spanish for Mastery are as follows:

Read pp 152-155
Complete handouts for the reading

Memorize vocab on pp 156-157
Complete first half of handout for Vocabulario Practico
Prepare for a quiz

Memorize vocab on pp 160-161
Complete 2nd half of handout for Vocabulario Practico
Prepare for a quiz

Review the imperfect tense p. 164
Complete activities in handout labeled "A"

Review the uses of the preterite vs imperfect
Complete handout activities labeled "B"
Practice online at our website

Continue review of the uses of the preterite and imperfect.  Complete handout activities labeled "C"
Prepare for a MAJOR quiz

Study vocab for "Carta a Dios" on p. 176 & 179
Complete study packet for "Carta a Dios"
Prepare for Chapter Test
My Quia activities and quizzes
SFM 3 Unit 6 Vocabulary p. 156-157
Unit 6 Vocab: pp 156-157
SFM 3 Unit 6 vocabulary p 160-161
Unit 6 Vocab: pp 160-161
El pretérito indefinido y el pretérito imperfecto: session past tense challenge
Take the challenge on past tenses. Type in "Past tense challenge" at the prompt
XX-Famous people of Mexico-Scavenger
Another Scavenger Hunt
Useful links
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