Spanish II
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Adjectives to describe a person - singular and plural agreement.
Adjectivos Hangman
Bienvenidos Capítulo 1 El verbo SER
Capitals of Spanish Speaking Countries
Capitals of Spanish Speaking Countries
Countries and Capitals
Las nacionalidades
R2:PE:Nationalities pp.8-9
las nacionalidades
¿Que? asking questions
Question word hangman
Question words
R2:PE:Vocabulary Review pp.2-4
Verbos Regulares -ar
Realidades 2 1A Stem Changing Verbs
Realidades 2 - 1B
Realidades 2 - vocabulary 1B
II Realidades - La escuela - 1A
II 3A Review Vocabulary
II 3A Vocabulario
II 3A Vocabulario
Regular Preterite, Preterite of Ir, Ser, Hacer and verbs ending in -gar, -car, -zar
El preterito (saber, querer, poder, traer)
preterito de verbos -AR
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