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Bess is a very bad filtering dealy that is powered by N2H2.

No one likes Bess because it can't go to free e-mail or free webpage sites. Bess is like some weird dog and I'm pretty sure that this school, which name I won't mention, isn't the only school having problems with Bess. As more evidence that Bess is horrible, it's not smart enough to even filter this page! I did have a fight against Bess Geocities page, but it wasn't accessible from my school.

Well, I am revamping the site for a new look for 2002. Since Quia has become quite a hassle lately, the new site is under a new name and purpose, located at http://www.geocities.com/jeff122185/. I know, if you're at school you won't be able to access it because it's under a free website host, that's why I'm leaving up what remnants of this page there are. I also know that those "ad squares" are pretty annoying. It's either those or pop-ups because they stopped offering geoguide banners instead.

The Fight Against Bess Organization (FABO) is born in memory of Leroy Etzler.

*This page was created without authorization nor knowledge of the creators of Bess or N2H2. Although I doubt an insignificant site like this will do anything, they most likely have the right to sue my pants off. No real offense is meant by this site, and if you haven't already looked at the links and games on this site, you'll realize that I'm not really insulting it very much. There's maybe one or two cracks about Bess and that's it. I've got a decent amount of "useful" links now, all of which I am not affiliated with in any way, shape, or form. They do not support nor endorse this site or FABO. If a) you've got problems with this site, b) I've posted a link that you wish to have removed, or c) have a reason why Bess is cool, E-Mail me.

**Special Acknowledgements- First of all, I'd like to give a very special thanks to Coach Leroy Etzler for doing such a terrific job of entertaining his very interesting 8th period 1998-1999 class, and giving everyone something to remember and talk about for many years to come. Isn't pink great? To Coach Elmer Brumble, for teaching us the art of the gooseneck. And to Mr. Fendley, for being the good sportsman, and taking all the insults we've thrown at him. (I can finally spell his name correctly!) Seriously though, Mr. David Fendley is not as bad as we claim he is or imply he is through our fun little quizzes. He can be okay... sometimes. Leroy just let us talk more and do cool things like dissecting sheep eye balls and all that other good stuff. And thanks to everyone who supports the Fight Against Bess. Bess is bad! Is Bess even a real name? Sure there's Bessy and Bessie, but Bess?! -Jeff Chien

Copyright ©2000-2002 Jeff Chien.
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