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Luray Elementary School, 5th grade Science 5th Grade Science
Welcome to the 5th grade Science webpage!!!

This year, the students will be focusing on the Standards of Learning that will be seen on the state test. Each child will be responsible for studying daily science notes and handouts. Each child must learn the 5th grade standards as well as remember the information from 4th grade.

Assignments for January 1-4 2001
Monday: No School

Tuesday:    Review ocean unit
           Read Lesson 7
           Study guide

Wednesday: Check study guide
          Review game

Thursday:  Test
          Matter Vocabulary words

Friday:    Review test
          Unit Starter of Matter
          Unit 6 Lesson 1 Notes

  **** Above information is SUBJECT TO CHANGE!! Quizzes and Test can and will be changed due to activities and readiness of the students!!!!! Please remember to check students assignment books as well as asking your child!!!
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