lesterscience Mr. Lester
Abingdon Elementary Fifth Grade Science Teacher
Fifth Grade Science
In fifth grade, we explore many different topics in Physical, Life and Earth Sciences. We begin the year by experimenting with matter and learning about the building blocks that make it up. We then learn about cells and the kingdoms of living things. We move into topics that help us learn about the Earth and its oceans, then we dive into Light and Sound. We will also cover topics that review weather, electricity, energy, ecosystems, plants and space.

A Typical Day in Science Class The class will come in and clear their desks immediately so we can have lots of room for lots of activity! Then as a group, we will move to the corner where we will have an active discussion on the day's topic. The computer, Smartboard, and the Windows on Science Laserdisc program are consistently used to enhance each lesson. AFter a 20-30 minute discussion, we move back to our table teams where we will engage in an experiment, activity, or game that reinforces what we have learned in the corner.
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