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CSBS Mrs. Aw Boon Haw Secondary School Form 6 ( Geography Teacher )
Dear all of my geography students:

I am happy to see your visit in my area inwhere I place a lot of activities to you. Most of them are short tests which requires you to have a look of my notes that I have given you before. Also, they are all online tests and your test results is recorded as a result I can see which part causes you much problem.

From KK sir.

Assignment 9: F. 6: Geography Assignment 9: Ecological Systems


" By looking at the very nature of components and their interactions, there is no difference between Tropical Rainforest, Savanna and Desert Region." Do you agree with this statement and explain your point of view and try to use desert, savanna and Desert Region to illustrate your explanation, but by, now. The relationships between various components are changing by man's alternation, try to use two or three human activities as your examples to describe and explain how these activities alter their very basic relationship.

In answering this essay, bear in mind the following points:
1).What is the general nature of components and their relationships in a natural ecosystem?
2).Is there any basic difference between in Tropical Rainforest, Desert and Savanna?
3).Explain and describe the components and their relationships that is the same as that in a natural ecosystem.
4).Select two or three human activities and describe a bit about the practices.
5).Describe the impact of these practices with special reference to the degree of alternation on the natural components and their relationships.
6).Try to do an assessment on the degree of change or magnitude of change.
7).Conclude your essay with system concept and system approach.

Deadline: 23 April 2001
From KK Leung

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