lgordon Mrs. Gordon
Honey Island Elementary School  

SPELLING WORDS: Test on Thursday.

   1.  daughter              2.  naughty             3.  caught                  4.  taught         5.  answer
   6.  reply                   7.  sail                    8.  sale                      9.  cities         10. known
  11. know                 12.  knowledge        13.  near                    14.  nearly       15. several
  16. butcher              17.  button              18.  cabbage               19.  careful      20.  laugh
  21. laughter             22.  cough               23.  cousin                 24.  dollars       25. freeze
  26. frozen                27.  guilty               28.  hopping               29.  hungry     30. kitchen


MATH FACTS: Test on Thursday. Time: 2  minutes.

0x0 0x6 1x0 1x6
0x1 0x7 1x1 1x7
0x2 0x8 1x2 1x8
0x3 0x9 1x3 1x9
0x4 0x10 1x4 1x10
0x5 1x5

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS: Write on loose-leaf paper. Write your heading.

MONDAY: Write the first 15 Spelling words in ABC order by yourself.  Write 5 Spelling words that are nouns.

TUESDAY:  Copy the poem in your neatest handwriting.  Draw and color a picture to go with it.  Start memorizing the poem.  Be ready to recite it on Friday.

WEDNESDAY: Take a practice Spelling Test and a practice Math Facts Test. Write your time on the Math Facts Test. Bring both to school.

THURSDAY:  Practice the poem, and be ready to recite it tomorrow.  Complete the Math worksheet.

---Along with the Spelling test on Thursday, the students will have a test on dictation sentences.  Each sentence will contain at least one Spelling word, and other words that should be mastered by now.  Students will be graded on Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. 
---Second Grade Field Day is Thursday from 9:00 - 11:15. If you would like to help, please return the form or send me a note. Students may wear a cap that day. They should wear tennis shoes.
---Students have 2 more weeks to earn A.R. points for prizes. We will check points on Friday, May 18th.
---We will have our last field trip on Friday, May18th to Marinelife in Gulfport. Please send in permission slips as soon as possible. Any parents wanting to attend as chaperones need to send in their forms early. We will allow the students to bring money for the gift shop.

Reading Awards

At the end of the school year, we have a ceremony to give out awards for at home reading (book lists). It will be held during the week of May 21st.  The top 10 readers will receive trophies. Everyone will receive a certificate. The cut off day for turning in book lists will be May 15th, to allow me time to get the trophies made. Students may only turn in one book list (10  books) per day.

In the past, we have had a dinner at Ryan’s, where students attend with their families, and we give out awards afterwards. The back room is usually available. We have also had an award’s ceremony during the day in conjunction with one of our reading parties.

I would like for the parents to help decide what is more convenient for them, as I know this is a very busy time of year. I can not give you an exact date, but it would probably be either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday night during the week of May 21st if a night event is chosen. If it is during the day, it could be any day during that week.

Please return the attached form by Wednesday so I can finalize our plans.

Student’s Name - __________________________________

Please check one:

_______ I would prefer to have a nighttime dinner award ceremony at a       

_______ I would prefer to have an award ceremony at school during the   

Comments - _________________________________________________


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