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For Syllabus -- 2000 Spring Partial Syllabus.htm

For Important Dates, Tentative Schedule, etc. -- jan 16 spring 00 importantdates&tentativeschedulequizzes&papers hu 110.03 spring 00.htm

For "Myth of the Cave" Jowett Translation Myth of the Cave from The Republic.htm

For Additional Study Questions for the Tutorial Material Related to Homer's Iliad -- ADDITIONAL STUDY QUESTIONS for the Tutorial Material related to Homer.htm

For Complete Student Background to the Iliad -- complete background for students -- iliad.htm

Welcome to the World of Mythology Darlene Erickson, Ph.D. --

For the "Characteristics & Functions of Myth" by Quentin Colgan -- - myth

For Just War Principles: Just War Principles.html

For Links to Homer Sites -- LINKS TO HOMER SITES.html

For Details concerning the events leading up to the Trojan War, after the war, and the Greeks' return home -- Translated.html

Complete Writing Instructions, Rules, etc. for Students + Topic for First Paper, Spring 2000 -- completewritinginstructionsrulesforstudentsspring 2000.htm

Study Questions for Sophocles' Antigone -- Study Questions to Help Students through the Antigone.htm

For a Summary of the story of Oedipus and the Events Leading up to the Antigone -- LEGEND OF OEDIPUS[1].HTM

Background for Greek Tragedy & Theater --Greek Tragedy(Best Info).htm

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