Keith Broaders

I believe in God and the principles of natural law. I believe that all human belong to the human race and that we were all endowed by our Creator with equal rights and equal responsibilities.

I believe that we were all born with time and talent and have a God given right to pursue happiness as long as we respect the lives, liberty and property of others.

I believe that in order to live in a just society the role of the government is protect the rights of the people against individuals and institutions that seek to rule and reign over us.
I believe the people of California are not currently being adequately represented and that voice of the financial elite is calling the shots.

Our state government is failing because of the apathy of the people. Collectively, we need to take responsibility and hold our elected officials accountable. While I am running as a Republican, I consider myself to be American who loves liberty and owe allegiance to my fellow Americans who share my love for our country.

When I am elected I will veto every piece of legislation submitted to me that does not comply with Constitution for the united States and the California State Constitution.

I am not now, nor have I ever been a politician, I am a man of principles and will always seek to do what is right at all times and in all circumstances. If you want another politician don't vote for me. Unlike my opponents, I am not for sale.

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