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This self study course on the Constitution and the principles of liberty was created for students of all ages to provide them with an opportunity to educate themselves in the convenience of their own home. Participants will have access to a wealth of resources that you can share with your family and friends.

When the Constitution is strictly followed the power of the government to abuse the rights of the people is held in check, but when our elected officials are permitted to ignore the Constitution and whatever they want it can threaten the  preservation of our lives, liberty and property. 

Government like fire can be a blessing  or a curse, When it is strictly interpreted and follow it promotes freedom, equaliy and justice,  but when it is misinterpreted it becomes a tool in the hands of the tyrants to threaten  our  lives, liberty and property.

We the people must govern ourselves or we will be governed by tyrants. The Constitution was written by delegates of the states to limit the potential abuse of power by the national government. The Constitution is an employment contract between the masters and their servants that tells the federal government what they can and can not do. 

All powers not granted to the government of the United States and not prohited to the states by it shall be reserved to the states and  to the people. The states granted a short list of delegated powers to the central government and retained for themselves the right to do anything they desired that was not prohited to them  in  the  Constitution. All powers not specifically granted to the federal government were prohited. There is no such thing as implied powers. This doctrine has permitted Congress and the President to turn the Constitution into a meaningless  piece of paper. If we the  people don't defend the Constitttion the government that was created to be our servant will become our masters and will deprive us of our lives, liberty and property.

Before we can defend the Constitution, we need to educate oursleves on  the proper role of government as defined in the Constitutiom. We can use the Comstittution to govern the government or we can allow the governemt to use the Constitution to control us.  government is out of control  because we the people have allowed Congress and the President to far exceed the  powers delegated to them.  

Our founding fathers wanted to establish a government that would preserve, protect and defend the God given rights of the people. The Constitution was written to grant to government a short list of delegated powers. Any and all powers not delegated are reserved tp tje states and to the people. The Constitution tells what our government can do and the Bill of Rights tells us what the government can not do.

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