Constitutional Studies
  Keith Broaders

Unlike other programs that teach the Constitution, I simply want to present the Constitution as it was written and let you decide for yourself the meaning and intentions of those who wrote it. After you have studied the seven articles you will be able to interpret the words and draw your own conclusions. I am not a liberal or a conservative, I am not a republican or a democrat, I am simply an American who believes in the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. I believe the Constitution is only as strong as the willingness of the people to defend it. If the Constitution is not strictly enforced, it becomes just a meaningless piece of paper,

I suggest that you listen the audio visual presentation once a week for the next four weeks Access the other links and complete the reading assignments.

Online Constitution for the united States of America

Constitution Facts Website

Bill of Rights Activity

Online 566 Constitution Games, Activities and Quizzes

Fact or Fiction

Test on the Constitution

After completing the course go to the top of the page in the upper right and click on the email tab and let me know that you have become a Constitutional Scholar.

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