00 - Constitutional Studies
  Keith Broaders

We need tens of thousands of volunteers to help educate America on the Constitution and the principles of liberty. I am not asking for an arm or a leg. I am not asking you to shoulder a musket, I am simply asking you to educate yourself on the Constitution and the principles of liberty.

I am looking for volunteers to share the contents of this webiste with at least one person everyday and ask them to do the same. Will you join me in my efforts to educate America? I think you will agree that our nation has lost its way because it has abandaned the principles of our founding fathers.

The constent of this website is available 24-7 and students off all ages can educate themselves and loved ones at their own pace and help in restoring the principles upon which our nation was founded.

An uneducate patriots without a proper education is like a soldier with a gun and no bullets. If you care plese share this website with as many people as you can.

Lesson One
Overview of America

Lesson Two
Declaration of Independence


Lesson Three

Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights Game

Lesson Four
Constitution for the united States


Lesson Five

Principles of Liberty

The Unchangoing Principles of Liberty

Lesson Six
Philosophy of Libertyy

Lesson Seven
Sons of Liberty

Lesson Eight

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

Hillsdale College Curriculum

QUIA Online Activities

20 Question Quiz 
50 Question Advanced Quiz 
50 Question Expert Quiz

Bill of Rights Game

Constitution Board Game

Branches of Government Game

Declaration Clarification Game

Preamble Scramble

Pirates of the Preamble

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