The Bankers and Perpetual Wars
  Keith Broaders
Before the ink on the Constitution was dry George Washington violated the Constitution by establishing a National Bank, Alexander Hamilton wanted to create an empire and he knew that in order to do so he needed to establish a National Bank.

Hamilton believed that even though the authority to establish a National Bank was not delegated to Congress in the Constitution, he felt that it was necessary and proper.

Powers not granted to Congress and the President in the Constitution are prohibited, but the Federalists who wanted a more powerful national government circumvent the original intent by by establishing implied powers.

If the governments of world could not borrow money from the international bankers to fund wars the world would be at peace. As long as the bankers are able to loan money to the nations of the world we will experience perpetual wars.

Wars enable the bankers to redistribute the wealth on nations in to the bank vaults of the financial elite. In order for the nations to repay their war debt the people pay the price with increased taxes. Wars are often instigated by the bankers in order to increase their profits and to enslave the people with mountains of debt.

When a nation has a debt based currency taxes  are needed to pay the interest on the money borrowed. If a nation refused to borrow money they would have not need to tax the people in order to pay the interest required by the bankers.


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