40 - Predators and the Prey
  Keith Broaders

Since the beginning of time, man's primarily goal was to survive. He needed food, shelter and a plentiful source of air and water. Our ancestors also needed a means of protecting themselves against predators. 

The animal kingdom is governed by the law of the jungle. Unlike humans, animals must compete with one another to survive. Because humans were endowed with superior intellectual capacity, humans have the capacity to survive and thrive without having to kill each other in order to survive.

We are not animals, we are sons and daughters of God and have a divine commission to love one another. In order to fulfill the measure of our creation, we must overcome our animal instincts. In order to enjoy peace, prosperity and freedom, we must respect the sanctity of life. When our government engages in perpetual wars of aggression and funds a million abortions a year, we abandon God's Law in favor of the Law of the Jungle.

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