Liberty 1
  Keith Broaders
In order to help consumers to save money I have created a system combining gift cards, coupons and barter.

Americans redeem millions of coupons every and save tens of millions of dollars in the process. We have created a plastic coupon card that is redeemable at dozens of different locations in your community.

This cards offers a discount of $10 or purchases of $20 or more on regular priced goods and services at the participating locations.

The local merchants that choose to participate pay a fee of $100 ti enroll and are given 100 of the discount cards. In exchange for the $100 enrollment fee they will receive $1,000 in discount at the other participating merchant locations in their community.

The merchant then gives the cards to his customers as a way of thanking them for their patronage. The customer then uses the card at any of the participating merchant locations. The merchant redeeming the coupon card then takes possession of the card which entitles them to a $10 at any of the other participating locations or they can give it to a cusomter as a reward for doing business with them

County Distributorships are available for $2,000.The distributor collects and retains the $100 enrollment fee and is responsible to provide the merchant with 100 plastic discount cards. The distributor is responsible to sign up 30 merchants, which will provide them with the money necessary to purchase the distributorship and the initial 100 cards for each participating

Participating merchants may elect to advertise on a website that identifies and promotes the local participating merchants. The fee to advertise will be $30 per month. All of the money generated will go to the local distributor.
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