Keith Broaders
n 1850 the California's state legislature consisted of 16 members in their senate and 36 members in their assemby. One assemblyman for every 2,570.

Today California has one representative for an average of 487,000. The people of California are not being represented, but the dollars of the financial elite are.

The California Constitution of 1879 abolished the old formula and permanently fixed the membership of the houses at 80 Assembly Members and 40 Senators.

Since that date the number of Assenblymen has risen from to 1 representative for every 10,808 to 1 representative for every 487,000.

The Constitution for the united States guarantees to the people of the states a republican form of government. It is the responsibility of the federal government to honor that committment by requiribg the states to protect and defend the lives, liberty and property of the people.

In a repubican form government, the people are protected against the tyranny of the majority. The rights of a single individual can not be sacrificed for the collective good of a majority.

At one time California had a republican form of government with one house respresenting the people and second house representing the counties. This model provided the minority of people living in the less populated rural counties with the ability to prevent the abuse of power by the majority that lived in the
urban counites.

In 1965 California had 40 senatorial districts that represented the 58 counties and 80 assembly districts representing the people. At that time Los Angeles County had one senator and today LA County is represented by 14 senators.

The 1852 census was the only one taken, but it proved to be an important count. The gold rush would bring about 300,000 people to California between 1848 and 1854. The 1850 U.S. Federal Census tallied California's population at 92,597.

When California became a state the 92,597 people were represented by 36 assembly men and today the averge assemblyman representsts 487,000 people. If we were as well represented today as we were then we would have 15,564 members in our state assembly instead of just 80.

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