The Statehood of West Virginia
  Keith Broaders

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When Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 many of southern states threatened to secede from the Union. When Virginia seceded, the counties in what is now West Virginia wanted to remain loyal to the Union.

These counties formed committees to create a new sovereign and independent state of West Virginia. They followed the prototocol estabished in Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution and applied for statehood.

With the election Donald Trump many of the voters in California have threatened to secede from the United States and become their own country, just like the counties in West Virginia, many counties in California want to remain loyal to the United States and separate themselves rrom the state of California.

The majority of the counties in California like the counties in West Virginia were dominated by the people in the less populated counties were being dominated by the counties with greater populations. Los Angeles County has 14 Senators and the remaining 57 counties have only 26. Our of the 40 state senators 14 of them represent just one ofthe 58 counties. Los Angeles County has 27 of the 80 representatives in the state assembly. This creates a situation where the will of the majportu creates a tyranny of the majority.

Before the creation of politically gerrymandered senatorial districts the counties had a voice and a vote in the state senate. Both the senate the assembly needed to agree on proposed legislation. This important check and balance was essential to the preservation of a republican form of government.
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