Broken Senate in California
  Keith Broaders
A Republican Form of Government Does Not Exist in California

The legislative branches of the California State government are broken. The senate which was created to represent the counties to protect the people in the rural counties from the tyranny of the majority.

In 1965 tne counties in California were stripped of their representatation in the state senate and as a result the balance of power shifted to metropolitan areas.

Before this change was made all proposed legislation needed to be approved by both the senate and the assembly. This important check and balance prevented large counties from dominating the small counties

With 50% of the people of California living in just five counties and everyone else living in the remaining 53 counties it is obvious that the large counties dominate the politcal landscape.

In a republican form of government, the rights of the people are secure because the rights of the minority can not be abused by the will of the majority.

In order to restore a republican form of government, we must return to a senate that represents the people in the counties.

When California was admitted as a state in 1850, California agreed to have a republican form of government and California has violated the Constitution by abandoning a lawfully constituted state senate.

If California refuses to comply with the Constitution, the people in counties which wish to comply have the right and the duty to separate from the state of California.

Earl Warren, a former governor of California, was appointed by President Eisenhower to the Supreme Court in 1953. Two very significant cases heard by the court was in the case of Baker v Carr and Reynolds V. Sims.

It was the opinion of the Supreme Court that the apportionment in many of the state legislatures violated the equal protection of the law clause in the Fourteenth Amendment. As a result of the Supreme Court decision,

California stripped the counties of their representation in the state senate and decide to create senatorial distircs based on population. Before this change took place the interests of both the people in the urban and rural counties were represented. Now we have the residents of eleven northern counties being represanted by one senator and the county of Los Angeles being represented by fourteen senators.

This decision destroyed the checks and balances and creaed a tyranny of the majority. He apparently felt that the Federal government's apportionment in the Senate was Constitutional, but the representation in the counties in the state was unconstitutional. In the Senate of the United States, each state is entitled to two Senators, but in the several states, there are counties with no representation at all.

Why did Warren support equal representation of the states in the U.Senate and not support the represenation of the counties at the state level. The counties in Northern California have a relatively small population, but are blessed with large quantities of water and natural resources. The counties in the south have a very large population and very little water.

Warren realized that by stripping the Northern Counties of their Senators, he could deliver Northern California water to the south with very little opposition. It is morally wrong for the northernmost counties to be compelled to supply that water to the southernmost counties without the consent of the governed. By stripping the counties in Northern California of a voice in the senate, Justice Earl Warren knew that he would be able to deliver water to the heavily populated counties and it would pay big dividends at the ballot box for him and his political allies.

California's first Constitution mandated that the counties be represented in the state senate and the people in the state assembly. In 1965 the Supreme Court caused the State of California to amend the Constitution without the approval of the voters in order to strip the rural counties of equal representation in the state senate. This was a flagrant violation of the Constitution and we need to demand the restoration of the counties in the state senate.

Eithe Earl Warren didn't understand the importance of having one legislative house to represent the people and a second house to reprent the counties,  or it was his intent to abandon the  principles of a republican form of governemt in favor a democratic model,

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