Letter to Assembly
  Keith Broaders
Forty of the  fifty state legislatures are in session for three months California's legislature is in session for eleven months.

The average state legislator in the other forty nine states is paid a base salary of $42,750 while California State Senators and Assemblymen are paid $104.000 a year plus a per diem of $183 every day the legislature is in session.

The average state legislature has 469 paid legislative staff members while California employs over 2,000 and pays them over $129,000,000.

If the republicans running for office really want  to gain control of the California State Assembly they need to  promote  the return to a s part  time legislature. If republican  candidates are willing to champion this cause it will send a message to the people that they are committed to reducing legislation and curring taxes. As lonf republicans keep doing what they have been doing, California will keep electing democrats.
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