He Didn't Save the Union
  Keith Broaders

Before the Civil War the United States consisted of 34 sovereign states. The Federal government was the servant of the states and the people had God given rights. After the war the government of the United States defeated the states and became the master of the states and the people 's rights became privileges granted to them by the central government The war betweeb rhe states was acturally the war against th states. It was a classic example of divide and conquer.

Lincoln used the issue of slavery as a smoke screen to hide his true objectives. He did not save our Constitutional Republic, he ended the sovereignty of the states and created a Federal government that had the power to enslave everyone.

The Civil War was the second war for American independence, unfortunately he dismantled our Constitutional republic and created a corporate democracy that enabled the Wall Street bankers and corporations to exploit the people to benefit themselves and their posterity.

The reason Abraham Lincoln has been promoted as a national hero in the government schools is becasuse he was responsible for the transformation of the United States from a government of, by and for the people into government that exploits the many for the benefit of the few.

The real heroes in the United States are the courageous whistleblowers who expose the crime and corruption of elected officials who masquerade as public servants. The men and women we elect to serve us are dedicated to serving the best interest of the financial elite who fund their elections.

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