13 - Dangers of Democracy
  Keith Broaders

The  desire of our founding fathers was to create government where the lives, liberty and property of the people would be protected from the abuse of power by its government. They created a Constitution that would limit the government's power to oppress the people.

They wanted to create a society where liberty, equality and justice would provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy the blessings of liberty. They knew that establishing a republican form of government where rights of a minority could not be violated by the tyranny of a majority.

They understood that a direct democracy was very dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. 

Before the ink on the Constitution was dry there was a group of delegates to the Constitutional Convention wanted to create a more powerful central government . There was another group who wanted to create a much weaker national government that would protect the sovereignty of the states and the people,

Those who promoted an all powerful central government identified themselves as the Federalists while those opposed the ratification of the Constitution were labeled as the Anti-Federalists.

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