Tyranny of the Mob
  Keith Broaders

A mob is just another name to describe a group or an organization. The leaders of the group often seek to gain political power by uniting with other like minded individuals with common goals and aspirations,

New recruits are taught the principles embraced by the group and are strongly encouraged to adopt the group mentality. Members of the group who are obedient and subservient are rewarded with leadership roles while those who question authority are frowned upon.

II the group is founded upon the principles of liberty, equality and justice and their goal is to bring people together to promote legislation that will  be consistent with the principles upon which our nation was founded.

Groups that violate the principles previously mentioned are undisciplined mobs that destroy the unity of the people. Groups that promote the principles of liberty make America stronger. Groups that preserve, protect and defend the Constitution contribute to a stronger  nation and a  better world

When you divide people into sub-groups you create competing groups that try to secure benefits for themselves at the expense of others.  Unethical competition promotes greed, jealousy and hatred. When groups enable selfish individuals to profit at the expense of others that group becomes a crime syndicates. 

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