Mobs, Gangs, Unions nnd Political Parties
Principles of Liberty and the Constitution Keith Broaders

Democracy is Just Another Name for Mob Rule

Why do people organize and form groups? They do so, in order to amass power that they can use to satisfy their greed and lust for power. When a county is divided into groups, the rights of some of the individuals must be sacrificed in order to benefit the members of a particular mob, gang, union or political party.

In s society where groups compete liberty, equality and justice can not survive.. When a majority has the power to deny an individual of their God given rights, the people become the servants to an oligarchy of the financial elite.

In order to prevent tyranny, our founders sought to prevent the abuse with a system of government known as federalism. The power was divided between a central government and the individual states.

This system granted to the central government a short list of delegated powers and all other powers were retained by the states. The Tenth Amendment made it abundantly clear that the states and the people were were the masters and the central government was to be the servant.

The founders understood that when political decisions ere made by a majority, the rights of the minority must be sacrificed. In a democracy the people are divided into political factions. Those in the majority get what they want at the expense of those in the minority.

The founders understood the danger of democracy and set up a country to be governed by the rule of law rather than the will of the majority. They did not want powerful groups to use their power to deprive individuals of their rights.

Groups are controlled by an inner circle of rich and powerful individuals and corporations that benefit from the collective voice of their members.

The socialist believe that whatever benefits the greatest number of people is just and that individuals must make personal sacrifices for the greater good of the greater number. They believe that wealth should be redistributed in order to create a more just society.

When individuals join a political party they are expected to accept the principles and doctrines of the party without hesitation They must think, act , vote and do what they are told. It would be considered treasonous for a party members to think for themselves.

Groups are motivated by emotions rather than reason. Intelligent individuals experience a significant drop in their IQ when they become a loyal member of a political party.

In a democracy, might makes right.
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