Electing Wolves in Sheep's Clothing
The Online Professor Keith Broaders

Electing a Congressman that does not understand the principles of sound government would be like hiring a mathematician that did not understand the principles of mathematics.

Natrual Law is the foundation of ssound government.  Water always freezes at 32 degrees always  boils at 212 degrees and the law of gravity can not be changed by the legislatures of men. 

The men and women we elect to Congress are merely puppets of the financial elite. We elect them, but they take their marching orders from the Wall Street bankers and corporations.

Our system of government has failed because we have allowed men and women who don't understand the principles of sound government to violate the principles of natural law.

Every time a legislature passes a law that violates a natural law, there is an inevitable consequencs. The Constitution waws written to prevent twhe government from violating the principles of natural law.

By strict obedience to the Constitution we can enjoy perpetual peace, prossperity and freedom, but if we allow our elected servants to violate the Constitution we will suffer the inevitable consequences.

We can not expect our government officials to do their job if we don't understand their proper roles and responsibilities. This is why the American people muwt become educated on the principles of liberty and the Consstitution.

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