How to Teach Democrats
The Online Professor Keith Broaders

Image result for to argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason

It is difficult for a Conservative to convince a liberal that they have they are wrong. Just like an alcoholic is more likely to listen to a former alcoholic, a liberal is more likely to listen to a recovering demorat.

It would be easier to teach a dog to read than it would be to convince a democrat to think.

We should be promoting the idea that we need to walk away from both the democrat as well as the republican parties. Leaving, the democratic party and joining the republican party is like asking an alcoholic to switch from bourbon to vodka

Both parties are owned and operated by the billionaires who control the planet and everyone on it. Both reject the principles of the Constitution and are embrace collectivism over individualism.

We need to find revering democrats who have already walked away and encourage them to become spokesmen for liberty.

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