$150 Trillion Hidden Dollars
The Online Professor Keith Broaders

Look Who is Cooking the Books

The government has hundreds of billions of dollars invested in the stock market s According to Walter Burien the Federal government and the state,county and cities own 70% of the stock in Fortune 500 Companies .

In fiscal year 2015, the federal budget was $3.8 trillion. The Federal government collected a little over 3 trillion dollars in tax revenue and another 14 trillion on their invested assets.

With over 17 trillion dollars in  assets, Congress budgeted  $3.8 trillion was allocated to fund the government for the year 2015. The budget is simply a projection on how much the government is willing to spend.  The budget does not reveal how much  money the government has available.

This information is found in the
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

After funding the government, there was a $13 trillion dollar surplus, Today, the government climas to have a National Debt of over $22 trillion dollars, but what they are not telling us is that they have accumulated a net worth of over $152 trillion dollars Click Here

The National Debt is the sum of the annual budget deficits plus the accumulated interest.  As the National Debt continues to grow, so does the value of the assets the government is hiding from us.

How Much Money was Hidden in Your States CAFR

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