The Online Professor Keith Broaders
ubject: Gospel of Liberty.

On the phone you mentioned a political spectrum that was a lie of distraction. I developed a 'canned speech' which I share with whomsoever may receive. It goes like this:

Most folks think that politics is Liberal versus Conservative.  This is a lie from Satan meant to strip you of your Freedoms.  All the politics of civil governments throughout history have Liberty versus tyranny.  And each government can be measured as a scale from a Liberty end to a Tyranny end.  Both Party's are right when they say the other Party's proposed solutions are wrong.  And both Party's are wrong when they say their own Party's proposed solutions are right.  Before my Father died when I was eight-teen.  I recall him telling me that Republicans are weak on domestic issues while strong on international issues.  And that Democratics are strong on domestic issues while weak on international issues.  I didn't care of the meaning at the time until at some point I reached a political awareness of maturity.  I see his statement now as Republicans are weak domestically wanting to keep the status quo and strong internationally always thirsting for another war.  Democrati
cs are strong at implementing huge upheavals on social norms domestically while are weak appeasers internationally.  A Republican Presidents war is with international support appearing as nationalism.  A Democratic Presidents wars are as an international coalition appearing as internationalism.   Both are enemies to Liberty.  For four to eight years the right boot is in power bombing parts of the world into submission.  Then for four or eight years the left boot has power to use the force of law to promote evils within the Country.  These left & right boots are marching in the same direction.  Away from Liberty towards Tyranny.  They both betray Liberty through a perversion of security. Civil Governments are instituted among men to assist in defence of our Natural Rights.  Nothing more.  Conservatives pervert security by fear of the boogey man in a spider hole cave far away and the fear of a criminal entering your home.  The security of the right is to give up Liberty fo
r security.  But your Liberty is your only security.  Liberals are more subtle but just as much a threat to Liberty.  They pervert security by fear of want & lack.  They offer free stuff.  If you qualify you are entitled to all they have to offer and get paid regularly.  Free is attractive.  We all want more for less.  After receiving monthly checks for a while you become dependent.  Once dependent your no longer independent.  If your not independent your not Free.  The security our various American governments are to secure is not security from a dangerous world or security from poverty.  Just to secure our rights.  At least the Warfare State Party & Welfare State Party agree on a Police State.  And of course the leadership of both Party's are the Central Banks puppet show of controlled opposition.
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