Electoral College
The Online Professor Keith Broaders

The Preamble to the Constitution states "We the People of the united States" but should have read "We the People of the several states". The Constitution was not ratified by the people collectively, it was ratified by the people in each of the 13 states,

Many people fail to recognize that the united States is not a country, it is a union of sovereign states. Delegates of the states wrote the Constitution and the people of the states ratified it.

When we elect a President, the winning candidate is not chosen by the popular vote of the people, but is chosen by states. This system guarantees that each state will be represented in the selection based on their population.

If we were to abolish the Electoral College we would create a democracy and would eliminate the checks and balances that protect the people from the tyranny of a majority. 

The direct election of senators authorized by the 17th Amendment  turned our bicameral Congress into a unicameral legislature with two houses representing the same constituency. What this amendment did was convert our republic into a democracy.

Article V in the Constitution mandates that under no circumstances can a state be deprived of its equal suffrage in the senate without their consent. There are currently seven states that have not ratified the 17th Amendment and are not obligated to comply with this amendment that deprives them of their right to equal suffrage in the senate..

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