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Hey Keith!

So my boss did say that with this pricing, you can mark it up 30%, 40%, or 50% if you want depending on the budget of your clients.

I’ve attached a copy of our Reseller Pricing. The reseller pricing only includes Scratch & Win Pricing, so if you want Reseller pricing for our Peel-to-Wins I can see if we have any documents with that on there.
The reseller pricing is what you’ll pay, then you can turn around and sell them at whatever mark up you feel is appropriate.

I will also include a hard copy of the reseller pricing in the sample pack. I’m trying to get approval to send the samples 2nd day because CA is about a 4 days transit from us here in Brecksville, OH and it seems like your creative wheels are spinnin’ like crazy so I want to get these samples to you as soon as possible!

Thanks so much Keith, I am really excited to start this project with you and I’m even more excited you want to be a reseller and work with us as your preferred printer. We print flyers, brochures, posters, door hangers, and parking passes too so we’ve got a lot of potential to help grow your business.

Let me know if you have any more questions J

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Kind Regards,

Lauren Tenan

Marketing Assistant

Hospitality Sales Specialist

Ph: 216-649-7800 (Ext 101)



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