Large States Versus Small States
The Online Professor Keith Broaders

The Electoral College is Broken
The Political Parties and the Wall Street bankers and corporations determine who gets nominated and elected.
Winner take all has got to go.

At the Constitutional Convention the hottest debate was over how the states would be represented in Congress The large states wanted representation to be determined by population while the small states wanted each state to be equally represented.

Roger Sherman of Connecticut proposed that Congress should have a bicameral legislature with one house to be based on proportional representation which would favor the large states and a second house where each of the states would be equally represented.

The delegates of the small states did not want the President to be directly elected by the people because this would give the large states the power to elect the President. If the President were to be elected in direct popular vote, the people living in the large states would dominate and the voices of the people in the small states would be victims of the tyranny of the majority.

They decided that each state should have a number of Presidential electors equal to the number of senators and representatives in Congress,  This guaranteed that all of the states would be equally represented and that states with larger population would have more electoral votes than the small states

The Electoral College of today has become a corrupt body controlled by political parties and has become a tool in the hands of the financial elite to control who is elected President.

The idea of winner take all is ridiculous. Forcing all of the state electors to votes for the winner of the state's popular vote.

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